Sunday, January 22, 2012

Underworld 5 Movie

Underworld 5 movieHave you see the latest Underworld movie? Then you saw that the open ending clearly invite a sequel. So I guess we may expect Underworld 5 to enter production sooner or later. And actually Producer Richard Wright did hint at the possibility of yet another installment in the Underworld movie franchise even before the release of the fourth opus:

"There are almost no old characters at all. I mean, there's Kate and then there’s Michael…you know, the Scott Speedman character... his character plays a role in the film, and then the idea is that he would come back in the fifth one... As a franchise evolves there are inevitably going to be new characters who come in, also we keep killing off our characters, so it’s hard to have them come back, although we have figured out how to do that on more than one occasion (laughter). But Michael Ealy, I would hope that we would see his character in subsequent films. There are other characters that you will recognize that you will see in this film that we would hope would carry forward."
Producer Richard Wright

Underworld 4 has its weaknesses, the plot isn't as compelling as in the previous films. But I can see it the starting point of a new series of action-packed adventures: new interesting characters have been introduced and Selene is back and Michael woke up, and the vampire/lycan couple even has a daughter. So, I'm quite impatient to see how the whole thing will turn out in Underworld 5.

Maybe you have a suggestion regarding the plot of Underworld 5? Share your thoughts below!

Anyway, stay tune with us for more details about Underworld 5!